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So, you think you might know how to perform CPR?

Basic first aid and CPR are invaluable skills because they allow you to provide medical care and help injured people until emergency medical services arrive. You’ll never know when an emergency will occur and who will be affected. A variety of emergency medical situations may require CPR, including suffocation, smoke inhalation, cardiac arrest, heart attack, near-drownings, accidents, choking, and poisonings. With proper CPR training, you can begin administering CPR to the cardiac arrest victim right away to increase the chance of survival.

The importance of being capable of responding in an emergency is hard to overestimate, but the most significant benefits include:

Knowledge of life saving skills

Creates confidence and willingness to respond in an emergency

Encourages a healthier and safer community

What about CPR and first aid for our pets? Pet CPR is similar to what you’d perform on a human being but there are major differences. The size of the animal, the techniques, and the hand placements that are used are all different.  Master Instructor Malinda Malone leads The Frontline Coalition. In her professional capacity she demonstrates first aid and CPR for people and pet.

Any number of unforeseen circumstances can result in the need for CPR – such as choking, poison, trauma, or even allergic reactions.  In the human world, we’re told to call 911 and then start performing CPR or administering first aid.  We don’t have 911 for pets, making US the first responders.

Everyone should have the knowledge that could allow them to stabilize a person or pet in an emergency, giving them the precious time needed before medical attention.   It is important to know what to do in an emergency and have some muscle memory from practicing hands-on CPR.   Taking a class in person is ideal to be able to have someone readily available to answer your questions and assist you with proper technique, assuring you that you’re performing each maneuver properly.

Malinda is a former first responder teaching from personal experience. Classes utilize human and  canine mannequins to learn proper hand placement and how to do compressions. The instruction covers a vast array of emergency situations, including bleeding, seizures, heatstroke, choking, and so many more instances that would require an immediate response.  An online course offers the instruction of CPR and first aid but doesn’t allow for the ‘feel’ and ‘hands-on’ that an in-person class provides in real time.

Emergency preparedness is critical, as being prepared is priceless when time is not on your side.

When life expectancy is measured in seconds and help is minutes away, will you know what to do.  You are your own first responder!!

Classes Offered In Person and Online

  • CPR-Adult, Child, Infant
  • BLS
  • AED
  • Basic First Aid
  • Pet CPR/First Aid
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Advanced Bleeding Control

All in-person classes include Hands-On-Training and Scenario-Based-Training