Pet Evac Small Dog Pak without Carrier

Already have a carrier for your dog?  This is the perfect companion to get you prepared for an emergency, evacuation or travel.  The cinch bag includes everything you need to keep your pet safe for up to 72 hours.  You will have peace of mind that you are ready for any situation.

Categories: SKU: PTEV-SDP-NC

The Small Dog Cinch Bag includes:

Food & Water

1- 8 oz. packages of Emergency Dog Food
12- 4.225 fl oz. Water Pouches
2- 12 oz. collapsible travel silicone bowls

First Aid

Zipper pouch with plastic hook
3- 5 gram packets Pet Vet antibacterial wound & burn dressing
PetFlex stretch bandage
2- single dose ClotIt blood stopping powder
2 oz. Hydrogen Peroxide spray
4” x 5” instant cold pack
5 pack of cotton swabs
2- 2” x 3” sterile wound pads
4- alcohol cleansing wipes
Basic first aid information
ID tag


6 ft – 3/8” Slip lead
1 Mylar blanket
LED light
Waterproof ID card holder

Other Items

Rope toy
1 roll of waste disposal bags
Jax&Cali Extra Large 8×10 Paw & Body wipe (Hypoallergenic)

Weight 116 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 4 in


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