• Packing Gauze is a valuable tool to have in your first aid kits.

    Please see the item description for details.
  • This empty first aid kit bag is perfect to put together your own custom kit.  Select from our list of supplies.  Take it on walks, hikes or keep it in your Pet Evac Pak or car for emergencies.  It features a clip for easy attachment to a leash or backpack, bright red fabric that is highly visible.
  • Prepare for those long trips or any sudden incident with this pack of Emergency Essentials Purified Drinking Water. This product comes in easily transportable tear-open pouches. Use it for outdoor use or for emergency purposes. Each packaged drinking water contains 4.225 fl oz. Simply slip several into your emergency kit, the back of your car or your camping gear to always be prepared for any situation. Water storage is one of the most vital elements of survival, and the human body or pets can only live a few days without it. Thus, it is important that safe drinking water is always available. It also doubles as an ice pack for first aid.

  • These are perfect if you have to evacuate at night.  You can clip it to your pet, your leash, or your backpack for visibility. (color may vary)
  • Collapsible Travel Silicone Pet Bowls For Food & Water, BPA & Lead Free, Heavy Duty 12 oz


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