3 inch Self Adhesive Bandage Wrap

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3 inch self adhesive bandage wrap

Breathable material: BQTQ self adhesive bandage wrap made of premium natural latex material, breathable and stretch bandage wraps for wrapping, odor free and won’t leave any sticky residue after take off

The dimension of the self adhesive wrap roll is 3 inch x 5 yards, appropriate width and enough length, each bandage wrap roll with individual poly bag packed, easy to use

Self adherent bandage: BQTQ bandage wrap designed with self adhesive, which can be used without the help of clips, meanwhile the bandage wrap can be torn easily by hand without scissors, the length of adhesive wrap bandages can be stretched to double times, provide an adjustable tightening force, you can gently wrap it on your little finger

Multi-purpose: the self adherent wrap can provide excellent supports and protection for human body, like ankle, wrist, elbow, knee, feet, etc. you can use the adhesive wrap as regular sport tape, wrist wraps, ankle bandage and things that increase friction. and the self adhesive bandge wrap can also be used for pets wound wraping

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